K2 SideStash Video

This is a great video which includes Bryce Phillips and Mike Hattrup as they explain the virtues and qualities of the 2013 K2 SideStash. RMGG has had great opportunity to test these boards out and stand by everything the guys have to say here and more.

Komperdell upgrades park sticks

Komperdell has upgraded its collection of poles for the park and pipe by optimizing the 360° Freestyle grip (it’s slimmer for better grip) and offering an adjustable length model. The Vario pole is made of bomb-proof high density aluminum tubing and is adjustable from 90-125cm for skiers that alternate between terrain parks and regular slopes.

Komperdell -30° – cold weather solutions

This is for skiers that love being outdoors but hate feeling cold. Komperdell’s -30° program may have the solution to enjoying the slopes when it’s extremely cold. The product line uses a combination of warm fleece, Neoprene and super-soft Lycra for serious protection that is comfortable to wear. All products are hygienic, washable and fit in a pocket.