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Salomon Max Series boots – innovative fit, comfort and performance

The Max Series is based upon TwinFrame Technology, a combination of extremely rigid PU in the part of the ski boot that affects precision, power and control, with very soft PU wrapped around the lower shell, for more comfort and a totally personalized fit. Max Series also utilizes Salomon’s Oversized Pivot, a 25mm axis point molded directly into the shell on the ankle that improves transmission and precision by reducing the loss of power that traditional 8mm axles do.

Jerome Minet, Product Line Manager for Boots, explains the idea, “Salomon was already leading the market trend with Custom Shell technology. So taking it to the next step, with a totally customizable lower shell, required us to rethink our approach. In order to maintain the power and skiability that we were after, the soft material had to be balanced with both a more rigid plastic and a more innovative design. This solution actually improves both fit and performance, so we decided to incorporate it into the entire range at the top end.”

Max Series will come in two versions, each tailored from the same concept to meet the specific performance demands for two different skiing missions.

– X-Max is the no-holds-barred on-piste performance machine, with the most rearward support and transmission. It has plain soles for rigidity and 4 buckles to ensure precise wrapping and on-piste sensitivity.

– Quest Max is the exploring version of Max Series, with Salomon’s Hike & Ride Technology, an extended rubber sole, and interchangeable pads to accommodate hiking. Quest Max maintains solid precision, but is focused on walkability.

“We know that each mission has specific needs, such as more precision for racers, walkability for explorers, and rebound for rippers. However, by working with world cup racers, mountain guides, and professional freeskiers, we realized that all these practices had one common need: more control and more comfort. By trying to combine the two, we eventually came up with TwinFrame technology.” Paul-Eric Chamay, Alpine Boot Product Manager.

All Max Series boots are optimized for the newest generation of rockered skis and modern ski technique, with a more upright stance, more neutral and slightly lower ramp angle. And all Max Series boots can be heat molded to eliminate nearly all fit issues, using the equipment that almost all shops currently use. Truly personalized fit with less hassle than ever.